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Waveboard is an iPad app for creating musical instruments. Wire together touch pads, keyboards, oscillators, sensors, sliders, switches, speakers and more to build a synthesizer exactly the way you want it. Or choose from a wide selection of built-in instruments, from ballpark organs to spaced-out synth pads. Then mix and match components and rewire until you get the sound you crave. Waveboard is fully customizable and infinitely reconfigurable.

All components in Waveboard are polyphonic, so you can play touch pads and keyboards with up to five fingers automatically. Components are high-level, so you can build a unique and funky instrument with just a few parts.

Waveboard is available in the app store for $4.99.

For in-depth information and support, take a look at the full manual for Waveboard.

Waveboard is constantly under development. To suggest improvements or additions, contact LukeBradfordApps@gmail.com.


  1. Hello,

    We've just released a website about all music Apps from the App Store...
    Your app is rated as a Killer App by Apps4iDevices.
    Can you talk about your rating from us in the comments on Apple Store when you do your next update if it's possible for you please. 

    And if you're interested about little contests for your App check out our Contest's page. Every Sunday few developers offer their Apps to visitors. You can be part of that, just let us know.

    If you have any info on your next updates or new apps in the works, you can let us know and if your next apps possess a large sound bank, could you list them as right now we don't have the resources to add all the sounds that are currently available to our workstations... even with an OCR. There are so many already!
    For more informations about our Contest, Special Contest & Ads, please use this link:

    Best wishes,

    1. Hi Christele,

      Thanks so much! I've added a mention of your rating to the app's description.



  2. Hi Luke
    it's Christèle again
    I made a mistake...
    Your review will be posted tomorrow...
    But don't worry, as i said Waveboard is a Killer App!
    By the way, we offer 1 month of ads (in september) on our home for the developers who offers 5 Promo code for our Readers...
    Thanks again for your App

    1. Hi Christèle! Just saw the review on your site! It's fantastic and incredibly detailed! Thanks so much. I really appreciate the support.

  3. Hi!
    Do you use an external library for the graphical "component with wiring" part?
    i am looking for exactly the same for using in an app i develope.

    greetings, wolf

    1. Hi Wolf,

      Nope, that's all written from scratch.